Nibiru: The planet that will destroy the world in 2018 according to prophecy



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La NASA> has evaluated the possible consequences that the earth would have after the impact of Nibiru s>s according to prophecy>/h2>>
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Many have been the predictions regarding the end of the world, since it was mentioned that the earth would disappear in the year 2000 and the many theories in which it was said that the end of the world would occur in 2012, all based on the Mayan calendar. However, it seems that this time the hypotheses could be true, even more so when several scientists have mentioned that Nibiru, the oldest exoplanet in the universe, will impact the earth and kill everything we know in June 2018.

Nibiru and the earth

Ante this, the astronomer David Morrison claimed that there is nothing to worry about because Nibiru does not and will not exist, but then, years later, the IRAS infrared satellite detected the heat of a hidden celestial body about 50 billion kilometers from the earth. >


Can the NASA anticipate the prophecy of the planet Nibiru?


The scientists of the NASA have predicted the impact of a huge meteorite or planet on the earth, for some years and a large number of people associated the celestial body with the mythical Nibiru, which is part of the beliefs of some people about the creation of the human race and the rulers Annunakis. However, no exact date had been published and so far the most accepted assumptions are that planet X will collide with the earth on June 24, 2018.


Scientists estimate that Nibiru can collide with the earth or reach a fairly dangerous proximity. In both cases, the impact can lead to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and completely change the topographic distribution of the earth. What is most dismaying to many people is that there are too many statements and theories about the impact, but there is no comment on how we could avoid such a cataclysm or whether we would actually have a chance of saving ourselves from it. We hope the experts will provide us with more information about the exoplanet and the possible end of the world.