News About Methuselah The Oldest Extrasolar Planet


When we speak of extrasolar planets – or exoplanets, as they are popularly known – we are referring to planets that are outside our solar system or that orbit a star other than the sun. Michel Mayor and Didier Quelos were the first to discover the first extrasolar planet in 1995 and since then, many other planets have been discovered using improved versions of the indirect detection used by Mayor and Quelos.

Extrasolar planets and a universe beyond the Solar System.
The mystery surrounding extrasolar planets has always been one of the topics of debate for many fanatics and planetary researchers, since, knowing that thousands of exoplanets have been found to date, it is not unreasonable to think about whether there are any that resemble the earth or, better still -or worse, depending on the perspective you see-, already inhabited planets.

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And there are planets in which their existence goes back far beyond what many believed, as in the case of The Methuselah Planet.

Methuselah, the longest-lived Extrasolar Planet.
PSR B1620-26 b or better known as Planet Methuselah, is located in the narrow globular cluster M4, within the constellation of Scorpio and owes its name to the oldest man described in the Bible. This extra-solar planet is believed to be the oldest planet in the universe, why do you think that? Because it is about 12,700 years old – only 1000 years younger than the universe – and has been able to survive all kinds of events ranging from the disappearance of a mother star with her companion to the multiple explosions of other stars near the planet.

The true age of the Methuselah Planet is not yet known for certain, but his studies have often called into question everything we know about the formation of the universe itself, and it may be that it is even more long-lived than we think.