New theory on mutations for those who travel to the moon. What does NASA say?



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NASA is expected to clarify whether the moon’s soil is harmful
NASA has commanded many missions to the moon and so far there has been nothing wrong with the moon, however, a study by scientists at Stony Brook University has issued a statement in which they explain that a few particles of dust that make up the moon’s layer are totally harmful, to the point of being considered deadly to both animals and humans.

To perform the experiments and test their hypotheses, they used simulated powders from the original rocks brought in from the NASA-commanded Apollo missions, it was not necessary to obtain too much of that substance to do the research, but only with those small particles, the laboratory rats and human lung cells that came in contact with them, died.

The moon has no atmosphere, is always exposed and NASA is still planning missions.
It is totally dangerous to continue planning missions to the moon when it is completely unprotected and without atmosphere. This means that it is always exposed to external factors or elements charged with foreign chemicals that come from the sun, other planets in our solar system and other galaxies. In fact, these scientists claim that the lunar soil is mined by free radicals that, in contact with humans, cause disease and mutations.

An ancient study showed that inhaling volcanic ash can cause lung disease, cancer and DNA mutations and moon dust has exactly the same effect but with more potency. It is quite possible that mutations can cause worrisome physical changes by removing electrons from DNA cells and preventing them from functioning properly.

If a mission to the moon is authorized, the consequences for the astronauts would be completely severe and it is certain that, when they reach Earth, they will be suffering from cancer and their cells will stop functioning until they die.

That is what the scientists in charge of this study claim, however, we know that research must continue, even more so in space, in order to find a new place to live, because the end of the Earth is nearer and nearer, but we cannot allow humanity to become extinct with it.