NASA will send a probe to Mars to search for extraterrestrial life.


Is it possible that NASA finds extraterrestrial life on Mars?
NASA and other agencies around the world have been working hard to find some evidence that can verify the existence of extraterrestrial beings in the universe, and while there are many planets that can be evaluated, scientists are convinced that Mars is home to a super-developed extraterrestrial civilization. This conclusion has been reached because of the type of climate existing on the red planet and its similarities with the earth, in this sense, it is quite probable that there is currently alien life or that there are remains of them on its surface.

NASA currently intends to send a ROVER to the surface of Mars so that it can search for traces of microorganisms and submit them to an exhaustive study, so that it can be verified that there are extraterrestrials in the universe. This mission can be carried out from 2020 onwards and is called MOMA, Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer. Experts have high expectations for this project and say that if the results are favorable, they would certainly change history.

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Extraterrestrial molecules could be found by NASA on Mars.
According to experts, there is enough evidence to argue that Mars was home to a highly advanced alien civilization in the past and that, for reasons as yet unknown, they could be exterminated or simply had to leave the planet and colonize another. The idea of this project is that the rover can drill the surface of Mars and in the process, collect all kinds of materials that may be of scientific interest, for example, biological elements, microorganisms, etc..

MOMA has the ability to collect different types of organic molecules in a few time frames because it is equipped with laboratory elements. The scientists who developed the rover reduced important materials that detect nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. If all goes well, it is possible that very soon everyone will know that we are not alone in the universe.