NASA will no longer send the Resource Prospector to the moon

La NASA ya no enviará al Resource Prospector a la luna

NASA didn’t explain why it canceled the moon mission.
The Resource Prospector project has been in development for 10 years and it was estimated that by 2022 the robot would be in the vicinity of the less known or less moon-dating area: the poles. That is an area in which scientists have high expectations for finding extraterrestrial life or revealing satellite secrets, but only four years after the mission took place, NASA decided to cancel the expedition without any explanation.

The NASA members in charge of the project are still amazed by the abrupt decision of the agency’s board of directors, mainly because they had advanced technologically in the robot and their expectations were really high. That would be the first mission to the moon after Apollo 17 in 1972, but it would also be the agency’s first robot on the moon, collecting first-hand data on the lunar soil and the volatile compounds that may be found there, for example, water, oxygen or hydrogen.

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NASA scientists sent a letter to the agency’s board of directors
In the letter, they highlight their dissatisfaction, amazement and disappointment with the decision, as well as mentioning the space policies that President Trump had proposed, which were based on reaching the moon during his presidential administration. The main controversy of all is based on the conservative policies of Jim Bridenstine, the new director of the agency, whose position has not been without controversy. According to him, the robot to be sent from the earth to the moon must be large, with superior technology and sponsored by suitable business partners.

This communiqué has caused displeasure in the other departments of NASA, ufologists and scientists of the world, because we are talking about a quite serious spatial setback, even more so when there is no consistent reason that could justify the cancellation of the mission.