NASA Secrets: Man’s Arrival on the Moon?


The arrival of man on the moon was a milestone that generated a before and after in the history of mankind. On July 20, 1069, the left foot of Neil Aramstrong, the first man sent by NASA to the moon, stepped firmly on the surface of the satellite under the watchful eye of more than half a million people watching his image on TV, as if it were a television program. That way, the space age would begin and give way to what it is today. However, with this event also came the scepticism of those who fervently denied that the arrival of man on the moon had not been real.

NASA, responsible for man’s arrival on the moon Myth or Reality?
Conspiracy theories about the event of the last century began to run like wildfire, something NASA and the U.S. government never expected. The scepticism was such that two strong theories, which still continue to attract followers today, were so strong that they were still very popular.

The first is the theory of deception, which states that it was all a pantomime set up by the government of the 1960s to show superiority over the Soviet Union. The theory took hold when one of the technical writers of the time, Bill Kaysing, let it be known that everything had been a study to see if it was really possible to do what Keneddy, the president of the time, had promised.

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The next theory is assembly. It states that man actually reached the moon but because they did not find a way to show it to the masses, they decided to use false images made on earth to convince people.

NASA created an alien theory?
A third theory emerged, but this was much more far-fetched and conspiratorial than to take it seriously, even though it has many followers all over the world.

The quarantine theory states that man reached the moon, but the images shown are actually UFOs and alien structures that were on the moon, so NASA used false images to share with the population.

It is even said that there are reports of the dialogues between the astronauts and the NASA control bases where it is mentioned that they were being watched by UFOs. Another point that this theory takes up is that of the excessive time they spent in quarantine, what did they fear that they were not set free until it was completely safe?