NASA secret recordings with new data on the moon are found


NASA’s missions affected the lunar temperature
During the Apollo missions commanded by NASA, some events occurred that even today remain a mystery, in addition to the fact that the recordings taken on the moon by the astronauts who managed to step on the lunar soil, disappeared mysteriously and only managed to preserve 400 reels almost intact. However, one of the things that experts could not explain during the last century was the change in temperature experienced on the first trip to the moon.

The moon was supposed to be kept at low temperatures, always below 0, but once the astronauts made the expedition, there was a sudden alteration of 0 to 2 degrees above normal. how could this happen? is it that humans can increase the degree of a space star only with our presence? No, something else happened there, and although it was not possible to find out what it was about in the 1970s, experts now have favourable indications.

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NASA loses recording reels and doesn’t solve the unknowns
The lunar regolith or dust was affected in Apollo’s first missions. It turns out that as the astronauts walked along the surface of the moon, they removed the regolith and left it exposed to certain particles that had never been in contact with the radiation of space, which generated them to absorb heat and increase it throughout the natural satellite. This important aspect was discovered through the studies of the recording reels and the relevant comparisons between one mission and another.

It is possible that the heating was caused by a strange factor. Perhaps the astronauts transported terrestrial elements to the moon and that gave rise to that situation or, on the contrary, the moon already had that temperature before and the evidence of that is in the lost videos. The conspirators say that these losses were caused to continue hiding information about the moon.