NASA publishes a large database on asteroids in the Earth’s orbit

La NASA advierte la amenaza de un asteroide en la órbita de la tierra

According to NASA, the asteroid’s proximity is dangerous.
NASA and world scientists are constantly observing the universe to study from its origins to the anomalies that might occur in it. They have managed to discover many exoplanets and predict asteroid sightings, but this time scientists have warned about 10 asteroids that are potentially dangerous to the earth, in fact, one of them has the possibility of hitting it at any time due to its proximity.

While our planet remains under constant threat from impact from space rocks, this seems to be very serious, especially if NASA scientists have decided to issue a statement so that all citizens of the world are alert to any anomalies we observe in the sky. The attraction of the gravitational fields of all stellar bodies has been compromised over the last few years and that is very worrying.

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NASA is studying ways to prevent the asteroid from crashing.
NASA scientists were able to reach these conclusions through the NEOWISE mission, which was based on studying all star bodies that might pose a threat to the earth. After more than 4 years at least 29,375 objects were collected, however, 10 of them were classified as extremely dangerous to the earth and one of them would be close to crashing. If this event were to occur, the changes that our heavenly body would undergo would be really severe.

First of all, if the gravitational force of all the planets, comets and asteroids in our solar system is compromised, their orbits and axes would change and there would not only be consequences on a spatial level, but at least on earth, the climate would change so drastically that earthquakes or hurricanes would occur, everything depends on the force with which the asteroid enters our atmosphere.