NASA makes the discovery of a planet as dark as night


The planets are probably one of the most enigmatic mysteries surrounding our universe. Besides being an obsession with the constant search for a “new home” for the human race, the search for intelligent life other than human life is also a pending task for astronomy. Can you imagine finding a planet where the darkness is such that we can’t see each other or the palms of our hands if we are there? In fact, even if we used a flashlight with the power of the sun we wouldn’t see more than a centimeter away.TrES2-b has created an aura of uncertainty because darkness seems to consume it.

TrES2-b, a planet ruled by darkness according to NASA.
During 2006, thanks to the contribution made by the Kepler space telescope, NASA was able to discover what would be called the darkest planet in the entire universe. Scientists who have tried to study its surface claim that it becomes darker than coal itself.

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the dark planet

However, the uncertainty that surrounds this planet lies in what its composition contains, and that is that not even the Kepler telescope, in charge of locating the planets and the components that make it up, was able to decipher the structure of this planetary giant.

A terrifying planet NASA exposes it
Astronomers around the world have said they are truly panicked at not knowing what is hidden in the dark depths of TrES2-b or how a satellite as advanced as Kepler might be unable to recognize the components that make it up.

In fact, as expected, many theories have been formed around it. Ufologists around the world claim that it could be some sort of alien base and that the darkness around it could be some method of protection that escapes our own imagination.

What will hide behind the dark planet, why wasn’t Kepler able to identify it completely?