NASA launched the InSight spacecraft to study the interior of Mars.


The NASA probe will analyze earthquakes originating on Mars
We mentioned earlier that NASA would send a spacecraft to determine the number of earthquakes that originate on Mars and that are currently heading for the red planet. It will be the first probe whose mission is based on discovering all the mysteries of the tectonic plates of the celestial body, as well as their true origin, composition and possible existence of microorganisms. Despite the fact that in the 1970s other probes had been sent with the same objective, none of them could identify more than strong winds, and they did not have the current technology. Moreover, InSight is going to deposit a special device on the Martian soil.

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The ship weighs 700 kilos and is 20 feet long. It is expected to arrive on Mars on November 26 this year and land in one of the volcanic regions of the red planet. Once the landing has taken place, one of the probe’s robotic arms will place a special device at a depth of 5 meters from the ground on Mars to study the amounts of heat emitted by the planet. After that, a third device will be installed to calculate all the anomalies that the planet presents and all these results will help to know its origin.

A seismograph will be left on Mars for NASA to evaluate the earthquakes.
The mission is expected to last about 2 years and scientists expect to see at least a dozen “Martemotos” reaching a magnitude of 6 or more. In fact, earthquakes are likely to be of high magnitude due to the impact of meteorites and asteroids during the 730-day mission. On the other hand, the studies that will be carried out with the results of the devices installed, will allow scientists to know why the evolution of Mars was very different from the Earth and what were the necessary elements for life to exist on our planet.