NASA is preparing a response against asteroids that threatens to kill humanity.

NASA is preparing a response against asteroids that threatens to kill humanity.


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Does humanity have any response plans against asteroids?
As we have discussed in previous posts, there are asteroids scattered throughout our solar system. Although there are many records of them, the truth is that very little is known about the behavior of these celestial bodies. Solving the mysteries that revolve around asteroids is vital for taking appropriate action in the face of a hypothetical impact on planet earth.

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Motivated by this, NASA does not want to leave anything to chance and is preparing to devise methods of response against asteroids that are destined for our planet. At this point many will wonder, is there any chance of being hit by an asteroid at this time? The answer is a resounding YES, it has happened in the past and there is no reason to dismiss this event in the future.

I actually have some bad news for you:

There is an asteroid classified as Bennu which is approximately 500 meters in diameter. It travels at a speed of 100,000 km/h around the sun that has a high chance of hitting the earth. The estimated date for this event is 21 September 2135, which will result in the partial destruction of the soil plant.

In this sense, NASA is already working on a response plan against asteroids. In this case the actions are to neutralize the Bennu. The dimensions of this spacious visitor are roughly the same as those of New York’s famous Empire State Building.

NASA is preparing a response against asteroids that threatens to kill humanity.

There are a couple of response options against asteroids that the space agency has so far considered
It should be noted that the space agency has been tracking Bennu since 2016. After the launch of the robotic space probe OSIRIS-REx to illustrate this giant space threat.

The goal of devising the probe was to land on Bennu, take samples from the asteroid and bring them back to Earth, 9news says.

As OSIRIS-REx travels in outer space, NASA scientists are working to develop a response against asteroids.

The main idea possibly involves the use of nuclear weapons in the best style of the film “ARMAGEDON”.

Once the necessary data is available, NASA plans to create an 8.8-ton spacecraft for its mission: “Hypervelocity Asteroid Mission for Emergency Response” (HAMMER). This ship will be developed with the joint work of a U.S. Government security force and a weapons laboratory.

The options that are considered in case of danger are that:

The HAMMER ship deflected Bennu’s trajectory and dragged him back into solar orbit. Another option is the possibility of firing a nuclear weapon from the ship to disintegrate the asteroid, reducing the danger to planet earth.

This project is currently in the planning stage. However, it is an option that has been taken as an answer against asteroids.

Based on the above comments I ask you the following questions:

What would you do if they issued a warning that an asteroid hit the planet Earth? And secondly, do you think these methods are effective in protecting us from the impact of an asteroid?

Watch more details in the following video and leave us your comment.