Matteo Ianneo, the researcher who has a second face on Mars!

Matteo Ianneo, el investigador que hallo una segunda cara en Marte!

My name is Matteo Ianneo, I am an Italian researcher passionate about the enigmas that have long fascinated our life and our history. In 2009, I began my research by looking at satellite images of Mars and also the Earth with Google Earth. In September, since I did not have a fast internet line because my house was located in the suburban area, I could connect to the internet with a simple 56k modem. That day, while I was examining Mars, enlarging the various areas of this planet, my eye lingered on a profile the one that was later attributed the name of Gandhi. The Martian profile that everyone knows and makes my name and nobody says anybody even the collectors of these anomalous before me were aware. Subsequently I tried to contact many online sites known newspapers and websites, sending this news with relative coordinates of the precise point where this image was located. Despite many of my insistence in divulging this news, none of them replied to me, perhaps because nobody believed in my report, thinking it was a photo made with Photoshop. In the meantime, for a game, I found a second face and then a third later and so on. Unfortunately, having a very slow connection, this hindered me a lot and my research was very difficult given the enormous slowness of the data connection. Subsequently I had collected many anomalies on Mars and on the Earth and other planets. I had enclosed in a folder all these files and then publish them on a possible my website that I called later In 2011 I suddenly see myself publishing Gandhi’s face on a website and then on thousands of international websites. The news expanded in a fast way in all four corners of the world. TV, magazines, newspapers, websites etc. .. I did not realize the speed of the spread of this news. Later I was more believed, when I sent the face of Isis and still other profiles. To date, I have enclosed about 600 anomalies between profiles, vegetation, lakes, cities, monuments and even animals found on this surface. Many criticisms were attributed to my research, assigned a very negative judgment and lack of confidence by the experts. Everything I found was the fruit of Pareidolia, or of effects that nature produced. For me it was not important for the opinion of those who denigrated my research. I have enclosed my research in 6 books and shortly I’m finishing the seventh book on Mars. I found geometries in the oceans and also profiles on our Earth. I believe in my opinion that the ancient legends have something real, and not just the result of fanciful tales from peoples who have narrated the ancient history of our planet. The Elohim were the creators of our world like others, peoples of gigantic creatures who built gigantic monuments and fought the enemy for the conquest of entire galaxies and minerals that were used for their technology and for their destructive weapons. Then I created my own YouTube channel where I published a small part of my research. In many anomalies I have not given the coordinates for the fear that someone misappropriates my research without citing the source and does not respect my studio and my personality, because on the internet there are jackals who steal the work of others and make it improper use, also taking profits of an economic nature. Nobody owns the images, but one thing that is certain is to mention the source, in addition to the fact that my research is contained in unpublished works of a study ever published by anyone in the world. My name translated into many languages immediately transforming type in Russia
Маттео Ланнео Лицо Ганди на Марсе