Mars will approach Earth as never before. Terrible consequences for us?

Marte se acercará a la Tierra como nunca ¿terribles consecuencias para nosotros?


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Algo salió mal.

Mars will be 57.58 million kilometers away from the earth.
On other occasions it has been mentioned how dangerous it would be if a planet were to get too close to another celestial body, not only because of the fear that they might collide, but also because of the orbit change that would occur and the chaos that would be unleashed in the solar system. Scientists from the world’s space agencies recently revealed that one of the most amazing space phenomena in history was to take place in June, but far from being excited, they fear the negative effects that the earth will have.

It turns out that as of July 27, 2018, Mars will be only 57.58 million kilometers away from the earth. This situation is complicated because it will also position itself in front of the sun and make the Martian planet shine brighter than normal, not as bright as Venus, but it will shine brighter than Jupiter. Experts keep studying everything about this event, but most have a bad feeling.

Mars could influence the sea and generate tsunamis
mars and the earth are approaching

Just as the moon causes a negative effect on our ocean, Mars could also cause it and that will cause a major natural disaster to wipe out most of the planet. Scientists have expressed their fear of the nearness of Mars because they believe it may not only bring about changes in our Earth’s orbit and climate, but also in the personalities of people.

According to astronomers and horoscope believers, Mars is going to be in the constellation of capricorn, in this sense, people who have this zodiac sign may run the risk of feeling strange, it may just be general discomfort or psychotic disorders quite severe and sudden. This is very serious because you can’t know the behavior that people will take or the natural disasters that will be generated. This phenomenon is not positive and experts know it.