Know the details of the devastating death of the universe


Although many scholars still refuse to acknowledge this truth, the universe is inevitably directed toward its devastating death. It hasn’t yet been determined exactly when this could occur, but the way it’ll happen is quite clear, since it all began with a big explosion called big bang, which occurred a few million years ago and from there all the matter has begun to expand, now the opposite effect must occur and the universe has to contract, and consequently, at any moment, its imminent disappearance may materialize, which won’t be as slow as its original expansion.

Role of humans in the devastating death of the universe

Incredible as it may seem the destructive force of man has nothing to do with the devastating death of the universe, though we are destroying our habitat and our entire planet, fortunately the universe is beyond our reach, and its destruction has more to do with natural factors inherent in its cycle of existence, than with any action that man could do.

The role of humans in this whole process is no more than trying to understand it and determining the exact way in which everything will happen and how soon the final events could be triggered, there are several hypotheses as to when the inevitable death of the universe could occur, some of which suggest that there’s enough evidence that this process has already begun and the final outcome could occur in this first half of the twenty-first century.

How will the death of the universe happen?

This may be a subject that many consider unreal or very distant, however theoretical physicist Robert Dijkgraaf, who serves as a professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University, has explained to the world how everything will happen based on the theory of black holes, which can act faster than we imagine.

When the universe was formed from the big bang mega explosion, all the energy of the atom was concentrated in a small amount of matter, giving rise to the most basic elements like hydrogen, later the more sophisticated celestial bodies were formed as the stars and then the planets that revolve around them.

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On these planets, the first precipitations took place, and then life arose, which evolved in its different forms, in the case of the earth, passed from fishes, amphibians, reptiles, and so on to man, the true miracle of evolution, of course all of this took millions of years to form and can now disappear in an instant by the absorption exerted by the powerful black holes, some of which can absorb everything at the speed of light.

Nature of black holes

Some ufologists argue that according to information received directly from aliens, they’ve been able to know that black holes are only portals to other parallel dimensions or universes, so in a way if this is so, it could be that all isn’t lost, since our universe would only be transferred to another dimension, although we don’t know how life could be in that place.

Other experts point out that black holes constitute the greatest universal vortex, in the case of insatiable situations and as greater things enter through them, they’ll become bigger and increase their capacity of absorption, until reaching the limit of absorbing everything that’s getting closer to the speed of light.

Our galaxy, and specifically the planet earth, is somewhat far from the location of black holes, so in our case a slow and painful end could be expected, since before these holes can reach the milky way, they’ll absorb stars and energy sources around us, leaving us completely desolate, unleashing the chaos and a long agony until finally swallowed by the nearest black hole.

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