Is life from space possible through an asteroid?


Finding life forms in outer space has been an obsession, not only for the scientific community, but for the community at large. On the Internet you can see forums dedicated to the subject where the possibility of extraterrestrial life is openly debated, and that is that, seeing the infinity of the universe, it is hard to believe, and even sounds a little self-centered, to think that we are the only living beings that exist. However, a group of scientists claim to have found extraterrestrial life forms in two meteorites that broke off an asteroid and fell to earth in 1998. They found water or other organisms that could indeed indicate to us that extraterrestrial life is possible.

Asteroids indicate that extraterrestrial life is possible.
In the fragments that broke off from the asteroid and fell to the ground, water and organic particles necessary for life could be found. Those responsible for the discovery and subsequent research revealed to the British journal ScienceAdvances that it was the first time that material had been found that was necessary for the development of life with such an abundance of objects from space.

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The remains of particles were found in small blue and purple salt crystals, where liquid water and chemical organisms accumulated, which, after studies, showed that they could form small bacterial life forms that may not be found on earth.


An asteroid and the creation of extraterrestrial life.
Many conspiracy fanatics have drawn on this and many other findings throughout history to explain their beliefs about the creation of artificial extraterrestrial life by powerful government agencies.

Many theories encompass that, since Roswell, the world’s most powerful governments have been working with alien organic material in the hopes of cloning some of these beings for their benefit. In fact, they have explained that the experiments and advances in cloning exposed to the world are only their first advances on the subject and that, in reality, cloning technology may be much more advanced than we think.