Is it possible to destroy asteroids from the ground? NASA confirms it.

Is it possible to destroy asteroids from the ground? NASA confirms it.


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NASA can annihilate near-earth asteroids
Space is not as peaceful as it seems, there are many dangers that can damage too much not only the Earth’s orbit but also the rest of the planets and the consequences of this would be really severe. Space objects moving around the earth can cause a lot of damage and according to recent studies, at least 8,000 stellar bodies of enormous sizes are heading for the earth at an alarming rate, so much so that a single asteroid could destroy an entire country in a few seconds.

NASA in conjunction with other space agencies have been concerned enough to start developing a special technology that can destroy asteroids that come close to our planet and can destroy it totally or partially, to achieve this, NASA has decided to partner with other global observatories to intensify asteroid detection and to attack the problem before it is too late for life on earth.

The approaching asteroids will be destroyed by a NASA mission.
As a weapon to end the problem as soon as possible, both NASA and other space agencies will undertake a mission into space to impact each asteroid with a specialized rover that can study the collision between stellar objects and, if the results are viable, use them as a space defense weapon. All this looks very well planned, but the mission is scheduled for 2021. What if the asteroids travel at an impressive speed and reach the earth before that date?

In addition, there are reports of thousands of asteroids that scientists have lost sight of, it is quite possible that they will approach us when we least expect them to and crash into our planet without the same experts being able to do anything about it. The conspirators are creating the best hypotheses to avoid the disaster, however, everything points to the fact that the prophecies will be fulfilled as of this year.