Is it possible that science fiction knew about the existence of an extrasolar planet discovered by NASA?

La NASA habla de planetas extrasolares vistos en la ciencia ficción


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NASA talks about extrasolar planets seen in science fiction
It would not be the first time that science fiction has had some similarities with real life and this is really amazing and disturbing, as many are beginning to wonder how they could have known that certain things were actually going to exist or happen in the future. It is disconcerting and NASA has now mentioned one such aspect. There are extrasolar planets that maintain some similarity with some science fiction planets, for example, TRAPPIST-1, OGLE-2016 – BLG-1195Lb and Kepler-16B.

In the case of Kepler-16B, it is an exoplanet that is 200 light years from the planet earth, its size is similar to that of saturated and is characterized by being a giant cold gas planet. It was the first extrasolar planet discovered by NASA and one of the things that most caught the attention of scientists is that it orbits around two stars. Now, some of the characteristics of these exoplanets can be compared to some of the planets in science fiction movies.

How does NASA explain the similarities of the extrasolar planets?
There is no way you can explain the similarity of Kepler-16B to the planets of science fiction movies, but there are several theories that can make sense as they are analyzed. According to the researchers, it’s possible that NASA classified information is being infiltrated, and that’s why there are some films in which there are data that resemble reality. In this sense, if the planets of these films do exist, so do the aliens.

Some people say that these are just coincidences, but it is not possible that there are such exact coincidences. Most likely, someone is actually leaking information from NASA so that somehow the truth will be discovered, either about the planets of the universe or about extraterrestrial life.