Google maps reveals what was believed to be an asteroid

Google maps revela lo que se creía un asteroide


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Thanks to Google maps, the mystery of the Antarctic asteroid is revealed
A few months ago, a strange unidentified object was discovered on the island of St. Peter’s that had allegedly crashed to the surface.

The discoverers of the object began to say that it was an alien ship, since according to the images they obtained with the Google maps program, the shape and color of the object was clearly visible. However, something has changed.

According to the British geologist Richard Waller, who is a professor of physical geography at the university in the area, he again examined the images that these researchers said they had analyzed, and sentenced a verdict somewhat different from that of the experts.

Declaration according to google maps tests on the alleged asteroid
After careful observation of the images, the professor stated that it was not an alien ship but a simple piece of glacier that had broken off from a nearby slope and slipped to its current position.

The scientist claims that both the shape and size would correspond to that of a slope fragment, but what did the other experts see?

It is a difficult question to answer because if the whole environment has changed, only they will know exactly what they could see that day with those images that apparently had the shape and color of a metal ship.

Nowadays there are many people who say they have seen an alien ship, some say they have seen it with evidence and others only say they have seen it and that’s it, but in this case two statements by two completely different people who observed the same images in different time periods coincide, but by some coincidence the only theory that appears about what happened is that of the professor. Why do you want to hide the other theory?