From the ends of the universe to the earth

Desde los confines del universo a la tierra ¿Un OVNI?


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Algo salió mal.

A ship from somewhere in the universe lands on earth
The resident of a hotel in Italy captured some images that many believe to be false but which he claims are real and unchanged.

How was that sighting on earth from somewhere in the universe
On Sunday afternoon in Bolzano, Italy, the client of a hotel in the area was able to capture a video of an object that for him and whoever sees it is extraterrestrial.

In this recording he is seen as an object not at all like an airplane due to its cylindrical body, approaching the mountains near the hotel without making any noise and giving off flickering lights. Then you see how the object stops and starts to fall vertically and with a constant speed until it hides in the mountains.

Few are those who believe the credibility of this video, as many circulate on the net where it is clearly a montage and with arguments that are anything but credible, but this man had no motive or history of mental illness, so I see no reason to think that what the gravel is just a montage.

It is not the first time that such a case has been thrown back from the public and that years later comes to light, so the credibility of this man is in doubt.

In the past there were not the mechanisms we have now to instantly capture photos and videos, but thanks to technological advances we do have that advantage, which in these cases is very useful to us to give credibility to what we have witnessed, without fear of being laughed at or even worse treated like crazy.