Extrasolar asteroid traveled through the universe and is now in our solar system.


The asteroid has traveled through the universe until it reached our solar system.
The universe hides great mysteries that until now have not been deciphered, however, scientists around the world have created the necessary technology to study and investigate all the anomalies that occur in space and alert us to possible threats to our planet. However, in recent months a series of exoplanets with quite peculiar characteristics have been discovered, but the news that has completely impacted scientists is that of an asteroid that does not belong to our solar system.

2015 BZ 509 was discovered in 2014 by a group of scientists at the Haleakala Observatory. After many studies, it was concluded that the asteroid was orbiting around Jupiter almost from the beginning of the creation of the solar system, however, there are certain aspects of that asteroid that have generated doubts in the scientists of ESA, NASA and the world.

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There may be more bodies like the 2015 asteroid BZ 509 in the universe
The stellar objects of our solar system share the same form of rotation around the sun and their axis is proportionally pronounced, but this asteroid does not comply with any of these elements, in fact, the experts said that in fact, this cosmic object does not belong to our solar system, it was sent there by a very powerful and mysterious gravitational force.

At first there was the idea that there were frozen stellar bodies in the Mars and Jupiter belts, but from these results and other research it became known that everything was false and that there are external factors attracting these bodies to our solar system. Is it possible that Nibiru had something to do with this? It is not unreasonable to make this kind of allusion and it is in fact very likely. Even most experts are beginning to take that hypothesis into account.