Experts: Alien life can be found on planets in our universe

Expertos: Se puede hallar vida extraterrestre en planetas de nuestro universo


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Missions to various planets could give us clues about aliens in the universe.
The missions that have been going on for years now may give us some clues about extraterrestrial life on the planets of the universe. Perhaps in the past there was a lack of technology that could evaluate the atmosphere of existing celestial bodies, but some scientists claim that soon there will be telescopes capable of studying the bioforms characteristic of planets that harbor life.

Planets that have a high potential for harbouring microorganisms on their surface will be taken into account, for example, those that have at least a considerable percentage of water in their liquid state and some earth-like elements that are compatible with living organisms.

Seasonal changes on the planets would reveal extraterrestrials in the universe
During the seasonal changes of each planet, the atmosphere and, in turn, the traces of living beings could be evaluated. This is called biofirmations and is based on all the gases associated with living beings, which emanate naturally and spread across the planet until they reach the surface. For some, studying all these gases seems an impossible mission, but in reality, with the help of new high-capacity telescopes, it will be extremely easy to measure the composition of each bio-signature.

On the other hand, these statements raised some doubts regarding the possibility that these gases could, in some way, deceive the experts. In light of this, the NASA astrobiological institute team has begun considerable funding for the Riverside Alternative Earth Astrobiology Center to develop a framework to quantitatively study all the biofirms they find.

For now, they will most likely begin simulations at NASA and Riverside labs, so that when they get started on the project, they will be able to handle absolutely every aspect of it.