Discover solar system with extrasolar planets that share characteristics with the Earth


Extrasolar planet in rocky form would be similar to the earth
Scientists have found different solar systems throughout the universe. Each planet has unique characteristics and although some have elements similar to those of the earth, they do not meet the necessary factors for life. However, recently an extra-solar rocky planet was discovered that has a size similar to that of the earth, one could even say that it has the same alignment that our planet has with its star and that is impressive.

All the studies being carried out are being carried out by means of the Gran Canaria telescope and many impressive aspects of this exoplanet have been discovered, one of which is that it is only 160 light years away from its star, so its temperature is 10 times higher than that of our planet. This is the only feature it could share with the rest of the extrasolar planets located in the universe. It is also unofficially known that in the same system there are 2 more planets with radii of 1.1, 1.0 and 1.1, almost equal to the terrestrial ones.

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Scientists talk about an extra-solar planet bigger than the earth
On the other hand, in front of the researches used by ESA and NASA, all the agencies of the world began to study every corner of the universe and managed to find a solar system that has 2 planets that double the size of the earth, besides, it is said that they have at least half of the heat existing in our sun and this is impressive, because then these two super-planets can be defined as flaming and radical celestial bodies because they cannot have any stellar object around without destroying it.

These characteristics are very similar to those of planet X, which according to the conspirators and prophets of the last century, will destroy the earth in the near future. All this has led to an increase in the number of studies, as there are currently 3 exoplanets that meet Nibiru’s description.