Consequences of dark matter in outer space

Consecuencias de la materia oscura en el espacio exterior

Things we cannot see directly have always caused intrigue in humanity. Gravity, air, oxygen, all have been studied in depth and to the fullest, so much so that their behaviour is still being studied today. Thus began the study of dark matter and its presence in outer space, as it was the only way to explain the “fast” movements of certain stars in the universe. Many theories and discussions have opened around dark matter, but an exact explanation of what it really is seems to take much longer to arrive.

In outer space it is no exception. Space is, in itself, a great mystery to humanity, but if you discover in it that there is “something” that you cannot see and that, moreover, just as gravity and air influence the earth, that something directly influences the universe, the enigma becomes greater.

Dark matter and its influence in outer space.
Some say it’s a combination of atoms and particles, but you don’t really know what it is because, as we all know, you can’t see it. It does not absorb or reflect light, does not radiate heat, and is therefore completely invisible to any observatory instrument. Besides that, it seems to have a life of its own, as it is capable of moving and interacting with the rest of the universe in a way that could even be illogical.

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In an attempt to find a way to explain dark matter coherently, NASA has made it clear that it is a “force” necessary for the creation of galaxies. But research by the European Southern Observatory has shown that there are galaxies that formed without this matter.

Absence of dark matter in the first galaxies of outer space.
This discovery completely overturned the few accepted theories about dark matter that had been held, and that is that the galaxy sightings that were formed more than 10 million years ago with the observatory’s “telescope” proved that dark matter had minimal influence compared to visible matter, thus demonstrating that, in reality, the creation of galaxies is not directly influenced by it.

So, what is Dark Matter? How was it born? There is much speculation about this and ufologists and specialists in paranormal issues have not been slow to give their views. But already entered into the subject and with more than 50 years of research without apparent results, the explanation that begins to take more strength is that something created it and that, perhaps, moves it at will.