Black hole discovered in our galaxy causes concern in space agencies

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Based on the most advanced theories on the historical evolution of the universe and its final outcome, it’s believed that it has begun to contract in the confines of the cosmos by the absorbing effect of black holes, although modern astronomy has always suggested that the nearest black hole is millions of light years away from the Milky Way, so it doesn’t pose a threat to the earth for at least the next 10 million years. However, a new discovery can radically change this perception, as strong evidence of the existence of a black hole inside our galaxy.

A black hole with the potential to unleash the predicted apocalypse

As the prophecies point out, the fate of the world is marked by its imminent end, which could come much sooner than expected by the scientific community, considering the recent discovery of a powerful black hole inside our galaxy, a phenomenon that’s beginning to generate concern in space agencies at the service of power elites.

The first agency to realize the existence of this dark hole in the Milky Way was the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, whose astronomers were able to capture through their advanced telescopes the edge of a spectacular supernova forming a circle and drawing everything towards its gravity center, so that no material particle of space can escape it.

Realizing the magnitude of the discovery and considering the repercussions that this might have on the fate of our galaxy and hence the planet Earth, Japanese scientists almost immediately transmitted the information to their NASA colleagues, who in turn reported to the astronomical observatory that works secretly in the Vatican City and that by the way is the most advanced on the planet.

The discovery that forces elites to modify their plans


The main space agencies in the world, both the official and the undercover working, clarified all about this irregular space formation, concluding that the supposed margin of safety of the earth, which they said was guaranteed at least for the next 10 million of years, had been reduced to only a few centuries or perhaps some decades, due to the presence of this unexpected black hole.

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It should be noted that the nature of black holes is that the more particles they draw into their interior they become bigger, stronger and faster. However, according to the qualified analysis of data released by Vatican telescopes, this dark hole located in our galaxy is still somewhat distant to be a real threat to our generation.

Despite these “encouraging” results, the governments of the major powers and the leaders of the mafias that concentrate global power, know that they can’t trust this data, since everything can change suddenly if this black hole, located in our galaxy, begins to imbue larger celestial bodies like Pluto.

It’s remarkable that the leaders of the international scientific community have marked Pluto as the critical point of the final outcome, which is why its degradation of the category of planet occurred in 2006, so as to distinguish it from the rest and send a subliminal signal to the world, that we must be attentive to the situation of this dwarf planet, since when it disappears altogether, it’ll be time to turn on the emergency alarms and flee if possible to Andromeda, which is the galaxy next to ours.

That is, Pluto ceased to be a planet according to the International Astronomical Union because of the effects that the black hole is causing in it, and when it finishes swallowing it, it’ll be a matter of very few years so that the gravitational power of the supernova of the black hole draws the Earth towards its total disappearance.

This naturally forced the elites to modify their plans, since they’ve been for a long time foreseeing that when they finished destroying the Earth as a result of pollution, wars and if necessary nuclear attacks, they would temporarily migrate to some place in the Milky Way, Presumably the moon or Mars, and then return to repopulate our planet with the ideal of a perfect society governed by the New World Order.

The discovery of the black hole inside the Milky Way thus undermines the project of the New World Order that has worked the Illuminati and other Masonic sects for hundreds of years, because of this reality they’re already devising the way to emigrate beyond our solar system, a project that we can predict won’t be easy even though they have the support of various alien races.

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