Asgardia, the nation located in outer space already has a head of state.

Asgardia, the nation located in outer space already has a head of state.

For many years, the idea of creating a space nation somewhere in outer space has been on the minds of many science fiction creators. However, what few know is that there is a proposal for a space nation, which has serious plans to go into orbit. Asgardia will be the first nation in space and has already elected its first head of state at a ceremony held at llev´a at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

Asgardia, the first space nation to orbit outer space independently.
Igor Ashurbeyli, a scientist, billionaire and Russian philanthropist was sworn in during the event. The man revealed the ambitious goals that are in mind for the first space nation. Mainly, that Asgardia will be the first of many human inhabited space stations to remain in low Earth orbit and next installations on the moon for the next 25 years.

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According to Ashurbeyli, Asgardia has all the established strata and branches of a nation. According to the Russian scientist, who is one of the creators of the project in 2016, the main objective behind the creation of this nation is to create a free and independent system that is far removed from the restrictions of planet Earth. No matter race, sex, location, nationality or political distinction.

A utopia in outer space?
Asgardia, which is named after Asgard, the mythological city where the Gods live, aims to be a utopia where there is no discrimination of any kind and where all its inhabitants have the same possibilities as the others. A somewhat idealistic and fantastic idea.

Similarly, the space nation is already experiencing its first impediments. The biggest obstacle they face is the International Space Treaty, which requires all nations to monitor any activity in space, including non-profit or commercial organizations.

According to Ashurbeyli, access to space should be a free right for every human being, beyond any control that any earthly nation may impose.

Would you be willing to join Asgardia?