An extra-solar planet in our universe could harbor extraterrestrial life

Un Planeta extrasolar de nuestro universo podría albergar vida extraterrestre


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The extra-solar planet has water on its surface, one of the few in the universe
Within the details that scientists have been able to reveal of this exoplanet, we have that it is a very hot celestial gaseous body, this is because it is very close to its star, so close that it takes about 4 days to complete its orbit without major problems. It was also revealed that it is about 700 light years from our planet and that there is a powerful amount of liquid water on its surface, even though it is believed to have more water than Saturn.

This conclusion has been made possible by studies conducted by scientists at Exeter University in the United Kingdom and the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute in the United States. With all these details, the experts argue that the extrasolar planets they have discovered have not been formed along the same lines, each one having individual details that must be studied in detail.

The universe could hold alien life and this extra-solar planet is an option.

After many studies, experts say that even though they have found large amounts of liquid water on the surface of WASP-39b, it is almost impossible to find extraterrestrial life there, the main reason being that being so close to their star, the temperature recorded on the exoplanet is too high, in fact, they have dubbed it “hell”. In addition, the amount of gases there exceeds all the extrasolar planets discovered so far.

However, before these statements, another group of people argue that, although the heat is too abysmal, the water is still kept in a liquid state and has not evaporated, this may mean that its atmosphere has the capacity to protect the water and consequently, any microorganism or extraterrestrial could still be alive. Water vapor is a positive sign, but more studies are needed that can verify this and more theories in the future.