An asteroid gives us indications that there is water on the Moon


The asteroid revealed that the moon could have water
While Mars has been the subject of many studies to determine whether extraterrestrial life really exists or any indication that there are elements that could trigger the life of a microorganism, scientists have discovered something wonderful in a piece of lunar asteroid, an object that at first glance was only a rock of little importance, but now offers too much hope to experts to mark history and recall this moment.

It turns out that one of the materials that form part of the asteroid’s composition is called moganite, an element that can only exist under the presence of water evaporated by really high pressures, in this sense, the moon has or could have had water in the past. The question is, how could the astronauts on the Apollo missions not have realized this fact? They may only have remained in an area without a trace of water, but it is not a sure thing either, as their statements were not very enlightening.

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The asteroid’s moganite was created on the moon
When this incredible discovery was made public, other scientists began to say that the element found in the asteroid materialized in North Africa, the territory where the stellar object was discovered. However, after a good number of studies, it was demonstrated that the moganite originated in the moon, its presence in the rock was too old to have been created in the earth, besides, if this element had been created in our planet, the entire asteroid had this compound, but it is not so, the object only has a small fragment of moganite in all its composition.

This fact has increased the curiosity of the experts and could even serve as an incentive to propose a new mission to the moon, so that they would not only set foot on lunar soil again, but would also go in search of water somewhere on the surface of the natural satellite.