In the year 2017, a mysterious object will pass very close to Earth, scientists are totally baffled by the anomalous behavior it manifests. The speed of the strange object makes no sense as it continues to move at a variable speed, which in other words means that it has the ability to gradually accelerate and decelerate (Intelligent Control).

An astronomer named James Scotti of the University of Arizona discovered this object in early November 1991. There are also a lot of celestial objects that are being tracked and discovered every day by astronomers. However, this particular object has too many irregularities and is making scientists work hard.

The object was named 1991VN and measures approximately 10 meters in diameter having a heliocentric orbit. But why suspect its “alien” origin? Well, the idea that the object ‘could’ belong to an advanced extraterrestrial civilization came after several researchers found other strange traits associated with 1991VN.

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The mysterious object has a heliocentric orbit that extends beyond the edge of our galaxy; curiously, the behavior of the object is not aligned with that of other objects of similar size that 1991VN do not behave normally as it does. And what’s very curious is its velocity that at times is continuous and at times it’s variable with gradual acceleration and deceleration.

For others the strangest of 1991VN is the luminescent variation of the object. All their combined anomalies make it extremely difficult for researchers to identify the nature of this object. Scientists are currently unable to agree on a single theory that can explain it.

Many mathematicians claim that it’s very possible that there are alien probes in our solar system. The mathematical experts use advanced calculations and algorithms that confirm the possible theory that there are extraterrestrial ships prowling very close to us.

Do you think this object has extraterrestrial nature? Could it be an unmanned ship in order to make contact with humanity? Could we stop this object?