According to scientists, parallel universes are possible and could harbor life

the theory of parallel universes, despite sounding somewhat far-fetched in the first instance, has never lost value and, on the contrary

Although we still have no idea how big the universe really is, where we are located or what surrounds us, most people agree that we are the only living species that exists in the entire universe. That is why the theory of parallel universes, despite sounding a bit far-fetched in the first instance, has never lost its value and, on the contrary, with the passing of the years, the possibility that there are parallel universes to ours seems to take on more force.

The theory of parallel universes. A reality or simple science fiction.
According to studies published in the Royal Astronomical Society, there is a very strong possibility that we are not the only existing life form and that, even more surprisingly, they live on planets located in other universes parallel to ours.

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The scientific model that is created around it establishes certain requirements for the creation of galaxies and their stars, just as they exist in our universe. Taking all this into account, a team of scientists from all over the world made a massive computer recreation to form new universes with different creations, in which dark energy was an indispensable factor. As a result, the recreation demonstrated that life could indeed happen in more scenarios than had been anticipated. Surprisingly so to all those involved in the investigation.

parallel universes

Could dark energy be the key to the multiple universes?
Previous research shows that dark energy is a kind of force that is not visible and exists in certain spaces of the universe. Some experts say that dark energy is a kind of “counter gravity” because, while gravity contracts matter, dark energy expands it. And everything seems to indicate that dark energy is taking up more and more space within the universe.

According to the experts who developed computer recreation, dark energy already accounts for almost 69% of the total energy in the universe and is still increasing. If the universe generates too much of this energy, space would expand much faster than galaxies would move. In this way, parallel universes would be created.