A helicopter will land on Mars thanks to NASA.

Un helicóptero aterrizará en Marte gracias a la NASA

A rover will be the ship that will mobilize the helicopter sent by NASA to Mars.
There are many missions to the red planet in planning, including the project to install seismographs on Mars and determine the number of earthquakes that occur there. It now appears that NASA also intends to send a helicopter to Mars using the Mars 2020 rover to assess the potential of the helicopter, to study whether it is not further damaged, to determine whether more of these vehicles can be sent into space and to create a route that can be used for future missions.

The project is developed under NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and demonstrates that technology and scientific innovation always go hand in hand, and this is a very good opportunity to continue exploring the red planet and find minerals or any aspect similar to the earth, find life or a place that can be colonized.

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The NASA helicopter will be equipped to operate on Mars.
In the remote event that the vehicle’s battery is discharged, it is equipped and capable of being recharged with solar cells that will allow it to mobilize on Mars without any problem until the mission is completed, as well as having a special mechanism that will keep it in high temperatures when there are cold climates on Mars.

The scientists stipulate that the helicopter can fly above 300,000 meters, surpassing the last vehicle sent to the red planet, which could only fly above 12,000 meters. With this we can realize how light the ship is to support the dense atmosphere of Mars, because it only weighs 2 kg, but the fact that it is light does not mean that it lacks the strength to keep moving. In addition, it has the ability to turn its blades at 3,000 revolutions per minute, which is quite a number considering that it is 10 times faster than the speed used on land.