Travel Through Time Can Be A Hidden Reality!

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One of the themes that obsesses the general world is the ability to travel through time. Many questions arise when the topic comes up for placement, is it viable, would our current technology allow it or perhaps in the near future, can we travel to the past or the future, how many years could we come and go?

There is as yet no clear evidence that humans are capable of making space-time leaps, even though scientist Stephen Hawking claimed that, following Einstein’s theory of relativity, it was possible when passing through a wormhole.

Time travel, myths or more real than we think.
Throughout history there have been anecdotes that make us believe that time travel is possible and that, in fact, we have been visited by space-time travelers on more than one occasion.

Perhaps the most famous case is the John Titor case, the famous time traveler who arrived since 2035 and used the Internet forums to leave his predictions about his future for the year 2000. Titor alerted the world to supposed events that would occur in the following years and even though some were very vague and were not fulfilled, others were right and, moreover, they are still accurate today.

One of the clear examples was his prediction that the president of color would be in charge of the United States or the beginning of the third world war that would begin in 2015. There are still no official announcements about a third world war, but seeing the attacks from the Middle East to the West in 2014, everything seems to indicate that we are getting closer and closer.

The paradoxes of time travel.
Despite the fact that the appearance of Titor and many other theories has caused a stir among many scientists and users in general, there is an inconvenience that makes one doubt time travel, or at least travel to the past. The creation of space-time paradoxes.

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Travelling to the past would mean altering it, and could change the course of history as we know it. However, scientists who have studied the subject have explained that, from the perspective of string theory, the future would not be changed, but a completely new timeline would be created from the alteration of the past.

The existence of different parallel worlds interacting at par, according to Griffith University and the Griffith Centre for Quantum Dynamics in Australia.