Time traveler brings news of the future for humanity

Time traveler brings news of the future for humanity


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Time Traveler Brings News of the Future for HumanityTravel Through Time Will Be Salvation
There are some individuals who claim to have traveled in time and have even prophesied some situations that would happen in the future. So far, nothing that these subjects have said has come true, however, the way in which they expressed themselves and the security with which they spoke made many people around the world believe their words. Never before had any of these travelers shown up with any reliable proof to prove their words, not until Noah showed up earlier this year.

In January 2018, Noah, a young man of apparent 25 years old, went out into the world to say that he was a time traveler and that he was coming from the year 2030. The shocking thing is that he was not 25 years old but 50 years old and, in order to look younger, he used a kind of drug that scientists created in 2025 for eternal youth. No one believed him when he said that, but a group of experts took him to a lab and decided to test him for the polygraph to find out if he was telling the truth or just under the influence of alcohol. Their surprise was great when they found out that the traveler was telling the truth.

Time travel will be discovered in 2028.
The traveler said that Donald Trump would be re-elected president of the United States, that in 2028 time travel would be discovered and that many would have free access to it, but he also mentioned that humans would reach Mars that same year. The diseases that are now incurable would have a cure from 2029 and science would advance so far that robots would control humanity, this would be the beginning of the end for the earth. Noah said that telling all that would bring him trouble and that now his life was in danger, he believes he is being persecuted.