The most accepted theories of time travel accepted by conspirators

Las teorías más aceptadas por los conspiranoicos sobre los viajes en el tiempo

Time travel can be real
There are many people who have claimed in recent years to have traveled through time. While most cannot explain how they were actually able to make such trips, their experiences are very impressive and have been able to predict some prophecies that will happen in the near future. Now, if we begin to analyze the theories that explain how time travel can be made, we realize that it can become real with the right technology.

For example, the black hole theory. It explains that you can travel through time simply by entering a black hole, this is because time slows down abruptly, and they are also considered to be totally natural time machines. On the other hand, it is also believed that cosmic strings can generate time travel due to their one-dimensional defects, which create time curves that could be used to travel back in time.

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Time travel with exotic materials
According to scientists, exotic materials are those that do not comply with the laws of physics because they have tachyons, molecules that can travel at the speed of light. Its combination with negative mass makes any journey into the past possible, even tunnels connected to the universe can be created.

Now, another widely accepted hypothesis is wormholes or doughnut-shaped holes, as Einstein called them in several of his famous theories in which he explains that the universe has the ability to take a curved shape and then create a wormhole that, in turn, creates a gravity field capable of sending us into the future or, perhaps, the past. Finally, it is possible to build a time machine as a rotary cylinder, as Frank J. Tipler said. Its density and length would be infinite and it would spin at the speed of light.