The impressive effect of blue light on the human brain


Most human beings are worried about how to improve their memory, concentration and IQ, even some go a little further and yearn to acquire superhuman mental faculties, nevertheless, incredible as it may seem, the results of a recent study of an alien brain found in an ancient Egyptian temple vault indicates that there’s a possibility of really increasing the capabilities of the human brain, taking advantage of the impressive effect of the blue light, as it naturally operates in the alien brains.


Photo-stimulation can repot the human brain

Obviously this type of information doesn’t transcend social media, because elites prefer to reserve it only for their personal use, as they continue to exploit the most dispossessed through the marketing of expensive and useless treatments, such as vitamin complexes, brain oxygenators, between other fallacies that only provide a false placebo effect that isn’t definitive, nor lasting in time.

Most drugs are designed for the consumer to be dependent on them, sometimes they offer a small temporary improvement so that you feel the need to continue consuming and therefore paying large sums of money a year for these products, to contribute to the perverse capitalist business in which the pharmaceutical industries have become world-wide, most of which are under the power of the Illuminati.

By contrast, the blue light brain stimulation advanced technique can provide you great benefits at a very low cost, practically zero. The benefits of this therapy are lost of sight, in fact can be really useful for people suffering degenerative diseases of the nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s or patients who have suffered a stroke.

Scientific basis of blue light therapy

According to a rigorous analysis of an alien brain discovered in perfect condition, despite being thousands of years dead, it was determined that the key to the preservation of the organism of this extraterrestrial being is in the light energy of his brain. This is because the central nervous system of this evolved species is endowed with a glow of permanent blue light, which doesn’t cease to shine even after the whole organism has ceased its vital functions.

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This makes the brain of these beings have an alternative energy source and independent of the rest of the body, so it doesn’t affect the lack of sleep or old age over the years, and are able to record and remember everything with a perfect level of detail (possess eidetic memory) and if the individual should rest is only because of the physical limitations of the rest of his body, since the energy of his brain is inexhaustible.

Applications of blue light to the human brain

The practical applications of photo-stimulation using blue light are unlimited. Neurobiologist researchers at Brigham Hospital in Boston have shown that if a person is exposed to a blue light short-wave bath every day, they’ll acquire extraordinary mental faculties, notably improving their concentration levels, sensitivity of their auditory and visual senses, as well as their imagination and creative ability.

In addition you’ll have much more energy, so you’ll need less sleep, only what’s necessary to rest the muscles, the bone system, and lastly the nervous system. It’s estimated that a person who’s lived 60 years, has spent at least 20 years of his or her life sleeping, with this simple technique this time can be reduced from 25% to 35%, being able to have available on average about 6 more years to actually live and not to waste them sleeping.

According to the most advanced studies on this species of discovered extraterrestrial, it’s believed that they only need to sleep about two hours a day, taking into account that their day lasts 36 hours, it would be like an hour and a half for each human day; that’s really great, given that they have much more quality time to take advantage of and that’s why they’ve been able to form such advanced civilizations.

The technique of brain photo-stimulation through blue light is still in the process of perfection, however the advances it promises for human life are really fascinating, although you can be sure that you’ll never find out about its existence by the conventional media, stay tuned to our website where we’ll keep you informed of the progress of this project.

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