Scientists study and predict whether it is possible to create life in laboratories


Science fiction has shown us a path full of possibilities for the future of humanity, but here we have shown many times that the arguments of fiction have some kind of scientific basis. Researchers from different eras in human history have made the prediction that artificial life creation is possible. Scientist Craig Venter may be considered the precursor of this belief by creating the first totally artificial genome in hysteria. But beyond recreating nature itself, is it really possible to create life from scratch?

Is it possible to create life in laboratories? A prediction that seems closer and closer?
In 2013, Dutch scientists created beef in laboratories from scratch, based on a small portion of the animal’s muscle and using stem cells to develop the necessary cells and tissues to create muscle, fat and bone.

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From this first, is it possible to develop a complete body? In recent times, interest in genetic engineering has been growing rapidly when it was published that it is possible to modify a developing embryo as long as the engineering guidelines and canons are followed.

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On this basis, there is nothing to prevent us from thinking that the creation of artificial life is really possible.

Playing God?
One of the most notorious obstacles to genetic engineering research comes from the church and believers. Many say that it is written in the Bible that this is one of the reasons why the human race will become extinct “we want to know so much that we will end up destroying ourselves”. Indeed, the Bible mentions it, but so far there is no indication that genetic engineering may be harmful for any reason.

In spite of everything, we are not yet able to create life like God. There is still a long way to go in the scientific field, but everything indicates that the predictions of a future population of people created in laboratories is closer.