Scientists say that “The universe as we see it does not exist”.

Scientists say that

We are living a great lie about the existence of the universe is what some physicists, cosmologists, scientists in general from different organizations and a university say there is a great possibility that our world is nothing more than a huge computer, different theories that make us stop to think and doubt, recently in 2016 to the great technology tycoon Elon Musk I assure you that we are living an objective reality, Alan Guth of masachusets, supports the same thing, while the specialist in intelligent machines Ray Kurzwell has said that it is very possible that our whole universe has been an experiment of some high school student from another universe.

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The non-existence of the universe can be proved
Recently in the scientific area of disclosure of Cornell University in one of its cosmology journals published that it was possible to prove the non-existence of the universe they pointed out that there was a conspiracy where it is demonstrated that the universe had been created by a cosmic society, supported by these affirmations in the results of the Planck mission where it is demonstrated that all the faces that describe the universe in an ACDM model built by a series of small numbers known in the conspiracy theory.

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History tells us otherwise, about this supposed non-existence of the universe?
Many of the most outstanding human historical philosophies such as idealism, gnosticism, Buddhism, among others, state that the world itself is a dream and today this statement has been growing with recent research on a new theory of simulation or the computer construct. In the present age with the technique used by supercomputers “quantum chromodynamic grid” based on the physical laws that govern the Universe, it can sometimes successfully give small portions of the universe, therefore we cannot doubt that as time goes by we will have more powerful computers that simulate sufficiently large portions of the universe, and with each test of this one could demonstrate that our universe is an artificially simulated space.