Scientists investigate the presence of travelers in the Internet time


An interesting research done by two North American scientists tries to find evidence in the internet of the existence of time travelers, this new investigation fits within the many investigations realized by scientists recognized on the time travels, one of the most remembered was the conducted by world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

Científicos investigan presencia de viajeros en el tiempo en internet

The research was developed by physicists Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson who are part of the human talent working at Michigan Tech University in the United States and focused on a study of the most commonly used social networks like Facebook or Twitter to find In them evidences of messages sent through them by travelers in time.

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The idea was to locate messages left in the networks about events before they occurred, which could surely be warnings left by travelers of the future to warn us about events that are going to happen and with these messages could be avoided, according to the researchers wanted to find evidence of traces left by time travelers on the global network.

It is worth remembering that on the internet there’s great evidence of the existence of these travelers and many scientists believe that it’s possible that they can use the web to communicate with us through verifiable predictions, and insist that this type of travel is possible and there’s evidence of this thanks to objects found that don’t belong to that time.

The research was based on three methods of searching for evidence on the existence of travelers in the global network, the presence of messages in social networks with large number of users, list of searches in engines widely used as Google, and review of emails containing messages related to important events. The findings were presented to the American Astronomy Association.