Nikola Tesla was able to make a journey through time


Tesla took a journey back in time before science discovered her existence.
The hypotheses about the existence of time travel have existed since ancient times, because if we look at history we realize that in the Bible there are several indications of these trips. It is also known that during the last century, Einstein revealed the theory of relativity in which he speaks directly of time travel and the exact scientific method for its realization. However, there is a situation that occurred long before science could even conceive that this phenomenon could be carried out.

Turns out Nikola Tesla would have created a time machine for the Philadelphia project. It is said that right at the time he used the large device, it had an unexpected reaction and there was an accident that almost claimed Tesla’s life. When the scientist was stable, he mentioned that he could die electrocuted, but while the incident was happening, he could see the past, present and future at the same time. A traumatic and yet amazing experience.

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There are stories of time travel in the Bible.
As mentioned earlier, there are several anecdotes narrated in the Bible in which several people had amazing experiences with time travel, including the story of Abimelech, a boy who was always with the friends of the prophet Jeremiah. In one of this prophet’s preachings, he told the boy to go to a tree to pick fruit and just when he got there, he felt a strange sensation and fainted. When he woke up and returned to his village, 63 years had passed.

There is also the legend of Urashima Taro, a Japanese fisherman who was sailing to work as he usually did, but something strange happened to him and when he returned home, 300 years had passed. With all this it is clear to us that time travel does exist.