NASA finds new ways to find another extrasolar planet

NASA finds new ways to find another extrasolar planet


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To find another extrasolar planet, NASA will hunt down molecules
Since 1992, the year in which space agencies found the first exoplanet in our universe, the search for extrasolar planets has increased to almost 70%, the main reason being to determine whether some of these celestial bodies could be totally or partially habitable and, on the other hand, whether there really is some kind of extraterrestrial life and whether we might have the possibility of living with them. So far more than 3,453 exoplanets have been found in neighboring galaxies and that is a large number, however, scientists want to find more than those.

To achieve that goal, NASA and other space agencies intend to begin looking for molecules that are in the atmospheres of these bodies and that are not in plain sight in the naturally orbiting stars. In principle, using this method will take a lot of time and dedication, as it is not easy to capture the image of exoplanets because of the light their stars emit and the way they are located in galaxies.

The molecules will take NASA to an average extrasolar planet
If everything goes as planned since the moment this good proposal was elaborated, we are close to finding new extrasolar planets with increased possibilities of being inhabitable. Some have now been found with water and oxygen, but some essential elements are still needed for human life to colonise the celestial body. It is important to note that all this also carries certain risks, for example, that scientists may end up bumping into Nibiru and confirming apocalyptic theories or finding alien life forms that pose a danger to humanity.

Some experts and conspiracy fanatics disagree that NASA should continue to search for these exoplanets because just as ufologists talk about extraterrestrials helping humanity, there are other races that could destroy us in a few short periods of time.