NASA abruptly cancels one of the most important missions to the Moon

NASA cancela de manera abrupta una de las misiones más importantes a la Luna

NASA’s cancellation of the moon mission causes surprise in the scientific community
In fact, some space agencies were developing a highly advanced technology to be able to build the necessary ships and machinery that could travel to the natural satellite. As a result, some years ago it was revealed that in 2020 the first mission to the moon of this century commanded by NASA would take place, but now, the new president of the Agency decided to cancel everything in the worst possible way.

The appointment of NASA’s new director, Jim Bridenstine, was one of the most controversial in history and it is unofficially known that the agency’s officials were not happy with this and the situation worsened considerably when he pronounced himself to cancel the moon mission that was scheduled for 2020. The scientists in charge of this project were amazed by such a decision that it was taken without consulting or notifying them beforehand.

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The Rover to be sent to the moon was cancelled by NASA.
Resource Prospector was the name of the Rover that would be sent to the natural satellite to extract samples from its surface, specifically in the area of the poles. According to Bridenstine, the rover did not have the technology it needed to land on the lunar ground and that it will take this mission on a test basis and plan another project in the future.

The team in charge of the mission issued a statement to the director in which they sought to receive exact answers about the decision taken, because for them, the rover had the necessary machinery for the trip, after all, they had dedicated 10 years of their lives to build and fully equip it.

About this, there are strong rumors regarding the great dangers that astronauts could run from moon dust, due to the latest evidence of mutations and possible deaths when in contact with the moon’s ground, possibly this would be Bridenstine’s reason to cancel this mission.