How would we see the universe if the planet earth were spinning in the opposite direction?


It would change the view of the universe we have on the planet
Perhaps many people have wondered what the earth would be like if it turned the other way. For some, the idea is simply ridiculous and impossible, but it is certainly interesting to imagine such situations, what life would be like on a “retrograde” planet for rotating in the opposite direction. Fortunately, a couple of scientists have not only provided us with answers, but also simulated our solar system to explain the behavior of our planet.

They simulate a universe where the planet earth rotates in the opposite direction.

At the general assembly of the European Union of Geosciences 2018, scientists made a virtual simulation of what our planet would look like if it were to spin backwards in the sun. In this one, the hypothesis is that the sun turns on itself with the difference that it does it in the opposite way, this fact makes the earth also turn in the same direction. This is called the Coriolis effect.

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Now, speaking properly of the consequences of the earth turning in the opposite direction, the scientists say that there would be no alarming topographical changes, that is, the shape and position of the continents would be preserved, but the climate would be radically changed. The most abrupt changes would be seen in the world’s existing deserts, as they would develop a high level of vegetation. In fact, the number or extent of deserts would be reduced from 42 million kilometres to 31 million kilometres.

New deserts would also be created in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Argentina. On the other hand, Europe would be affected in terms of climate, as it is located in the eastern part of the planet and the temperature would be really cold. Another important thing that we must highlight is the fact that the sea currents with warm temperatures would disappear, this also has an influence on global climate change, but it is possible that new currents will be created that could regularise this fact.