Zombie Apocalypse A prophecy that seems to be out of science fiction!


When the word prophecy comes to mind, we immediately think of the end of the world, some natural disaster or the third world war. Over the years, many supposed prophecies about the end times have ended in nothing. The Mayan prophecy of 2012 could be the clearest example of this in recent years. However, it seems impossible to think that a prophecy speaks directly of a zombie apocalypse, does it? What if I told you that it doesn’t? In fact, there are several prophets who name in their predictions “the dead who will rise from their graves”. Even the Bible has a passage that might foresee that a zombie apocalypse is more viable than we think.

Prophecy about a zombie apocalypse, do they really exist?
“and those who fought against the kingdom of Jerusalem will feel their eye sockets empty and their tongues will melt in their mouths as long as they stand.” More words, less words, that’s what Zechariah 14:12 says about what will happen to those who are against the kingdom of God. If we use imagination and think for a moment in that scenario, the image becomes disturbingly familiar.

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Nostradamus also predicted that the “entrants will come out of their tumbs” during the games in late July in the vicinity of the Aquarian Age. We do not really know what age the prophet refers to in Aquarius and, in fact, many historians really try to decipher what French refers to in their prayers.

According to the prophecy, is it possible for zombies to invade us?
If the Pentagon itself has created a contingency plan in case the dead rise from their graves, then anything is possible. CONPLAN-888 is the name of the contingency plan that the security of the United States to contain a possible future zombie threat, demonstrating that, for them, the issue is not just a matter of science fiction.

Throughout history, zombies have had a remarkable presence. Today, there are even many men who turned to the Christian religion in Haiti (a country associated with black magic and witchcraft) who claimed to have seen with their own eyes how the dead rose up through dark magic (a very ancient concept of zombies).

Bacteriological and viral weapons are also a popular (and more credible) argument in science fiction.