What’s hidden behind the mysterious door of the Padmanabhswamy temple that no one has been able to open?


The seventh portal of the Padmanabhaswamy temple has been sealed for thousands of years by the superior strength of some superhuman entity, since it’s been attempted to open or demolish it by using heavy machinery, advanced technology tools and magic spells, without success. Contrary to what happened with the rest of the six doors of the mentioned temple that could be opened.

Everything seems to indicate that behind this portal is the secret vault of which speaks the Apocalypse and when the time is right, it’ll be opened personally by the antichrist unleashing the final curses on humanity.

The key to hades

Only the prince of evil possesses the key of hades, who’s the only one able to open the lock of the mysterious seventh door of the Padmanabhaswamy temple, which is to be delivered to the anointed as antichrist, only when the universal calendar indicates that the time appointed for the beginning of the definitive end of humanity has arrived. Period in which human beings will be subjected to a great tribulation as a prelude to the final judgment.

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As each of the 6 other doors opened, there were released ancestral demons that have caused massive damage to the world. Causing earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, epidemics and countless calamities. The prophecy indicates that they won’t retreat until they complete their mission to prepare the way for when the great dragon, locked in the seventh portal, is released to cause greater calamities to the people.

All these events have a prophetic time appointed for their fulfillment, which is unalterable. For that reason the seventh door of the Padmanabhaswamy temple has been sealed with NAGA bandham, a spiritist security mechanism that can only be opened by the right person and the correct spell.

The prophecies indicate that in the last days will be released the great dragon locked in Padmanabhaswamy, which will be allowed to act in all its evil, causing more damage in the whole of humanity than that caused in the times of the 10 plagues of Egypt.

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