What will be the future of humanity? This terrifying prophecy reveals it to us

profecia fin del mundo arma nuclear

A nuclear weapon will destroy the world according to the prophecy
Prophets like Nikola Tesla, Nostradamus, Edgar Caye and Beinsa Douno have been able to predict events that would happen in the future. What worries me about this is that each of the situations that would be the prelude to prophecy itself are happening today and that has had a negative impact on the world’s population, because it is not only the conspirators who fear for the planet’s remaining life span, but many people around the world.

Nikola Tesla claimed to have contact with extraterrestrial beings who provided her with valuable information about the past and future of our planet. They told him that they were the protectors of the earth, but that in the future, there would be several wars that they could not avoid because all of these would be caused by ourselves.

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Edgar Caye told the prophecy of the nuclear weapon
This subject was known to be a sleeping prophet, this is because he employed the trance state to predict future events. In one of his many prophecies, he said that the world would once again wage a great war, a third world war that would claim the lives of millions of living beings, because not only humans would die. He even said that nature would turn against us and everything that had been built for centuries would turn to ashes.

With regard to the war, he mentioned that a nuclear weapon was going to be the beginning of one of the worst disasters that could be registered on our planet, since that device was going to affect not only the region where it would impact, but also the entire earth, causing natural disasters and destroying at least half of what is currently known. The prophet said that most people would stop believing in their gods and concentrate on vanity, distrust and their survival instincts.