What the prophecies of the Third World War say…. Will it come true?

What the prophecies of the Third World War say.... Will it come true?

Nostradamus and his mysterious prophecies have been analyzed by countless scholars for many centuries and mysteriously many of them are still unresolved and others more effectively have been related to events that have already occurred. Many think that each prophecy works like a puzzle for which it is necessary to have the complete pieces to solve it.

There is much scepticism about the prophecies of Nostradamus, even many say that they are fantasies, but many say that more than half of Nostradamus’ prophecies have already occurred without any scientific explanation of how he could have anticipated such events so long.

Mysterious prophecies of Nostradamus for the year 2018
For the year 2018 Nostradamus announces horrible events that will completely change life on earth as we know it today.

The famous prophet of French origin believed that in 2018 the dead would come out of the tombs and the entire planet would undergo changes in the nations and that there would be multiple natural disasters that would make the world tremble. Here we show you some of the mysterious prophecies of Nostradamus that are expected to come true in 2018.

Will World War III begin in 2018? Will this prophecy come true?

It links Donald Trump to a prophecy.
In his quartet of prophecies, the arrival of the current President of the United States to power is described specifically in the Fortieth Quartet as “the false trumpet (Donald Trump) will ensure that Byzantium changes its laws”.

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According to experts Nostradamus uses the word Byzantium to invoke Greece, which is currently where many illegal immigrants enter Europe. And illegal immigration is by far the most famous point in the Presidential administration of Donald Trump who, since his election campaign, promised to fight illegal immigration.

On the other hand, it is written in quatrain 57: “The false trumpet will cause great disagreements. An agreement will be broken and the face of the milk and honey will be on the floor.

In using these words Nostradamus clearly mentions the nation of Israel, for in the Bible Israel is identified as “The country where milk and honey flow”. This can be interpreted as meaning that the arrival of Donald Trump in power could have an influence on the end of Israel.

It also appears in the 50th quatrain: “The Republic of the great city”, (USA), will be brought by the trumpet (Donald Trump) to participate in costly military operations and the city will regret it”.

But not all the mystery of Nostradamus’ prophecies is about tragedies, although it is true that in his quatrains he announces the third world war with thousands of deaths and destruction on a large scale also announces its end. And it is thought that in the year 2025 a long period of peace will begin on the earth in which Nostradamus prophesies with the following quotation: “From the ashes of destruction peace will be reborn, but few will enjoy it”.

We cannot know whether these prophecies will come true or not, but we will always be afraid that Nostradamus has indeed succeeded in the prophecy that our days on earth will have an end.