This Sunday Nibiru will finish with the Earth according to macabre prophecy


Nibiru is going to destroy the earth according to Bible prophecy
Although on previous occasions they have revealed different dates for the end of the world and none have been met, it seems that this time everything is real. The conspirators have come to the hypothesis that the destruction of the earth will take place this Sunday and everything will be motivated by Nibiru’s impact on the earth, in fact, a few weeks ago NASA said that a giant planet was in a galaxy close to ours, so this conspiracy theory is not entirely far-fetched.

One of the points taken into account to believe that Nibiru will be responsible for the destruction of our planet are the Sumerian and Babylonian manuscripts, but in addition to this, the statements of the scientists and the prophecies contained in the ancient books are added. On this occasion we will talk about a biblical prophecy in the books of revelations and adel prophet St. John. which are found in the book of Revelation written by St. John the prophet.

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The date of the Nibiru crash is June 24th.
In one of the verses of the book of the apocalypse, a part of what the end of the world will be is narrated, because according to the prophet Saint John, a battle will be fought between heaven and hell and Jesus Christ will be the one who will fight against evil. All this would take 42 months to complete, but what if it wasn’t really months but a code that needs to be broken? Jen-Marc Joseph Rodriguez theorizes that the Bible provides us with numbers that must be combined to obtain a date.

The subject revealed that the only thing that must be done to discover the code is to add the 42 months with the number of satan, that is to say, 666, once the result is obtained, those digits are transformed into a day and thus we find ourselves with a date: 24/06/2018.