This is Nostradamus’ prophecy about the death of the Pope

Esta es la profecía de Nostradamus sobre la muerte del Papa

The prophecy could be fulfilled in the remainder of the year.
The end of the world has been predicted by many prophets, however, Nostradamus has been one of the characters who has prophesied situations that have gradually been fulfilled. It is truly impressive that Nostradamus predicted more than 400 years ago the death of Pope Francis and the wars started by the United States and North Korea with their current presidents. The followers of this prophet maintain that the earth will die in 2018 and that there is nothing we can do to prevent it.

Death of the pope prophecy

One of Nostradamus’ most striking prophecies is about the eruption of volcanoes and an earthquake that will destroy everything we know so far. “The sun will be harsh and the earth will tremble, the sky will be dark and all the volcanoes of the world will erupt. Everything will be ruins, everything will be death, darkness, unrest and God and all the Saints will have finished with everything that their moment they created”.

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The prophecy of the Pope’s death
Nostradamus said that there would be a last Pope ruling the church and it seems that this subject is Pope Francis, in fact, he himself said that he would not hold that office for long and that, shortly after, he would meet with the father, God creator of the universe. Another point that we must highlight is the prophecy about Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in which it is said that both powers will enter into very strong disputes and start a war that will leave many deaths.

The worst thing about all this is that the relationship between the leaders of these territories is not very good compared to other presidents, so it is believed that we are really close to a third world war. The same is true of natural disasters, as a series of earthquakes have developed in many parts of the world that keep citizens on full alert, beginning with the earthquakes in Mexico, Japan and China.