These are the five most dangerous prophecies for 2018.

Las profecías para el 2019 de Baba Vanga


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The year 2018 is full of prophecies and catastrophic events
The coming of the Antichrist:

People who have a great deal of knowledge of esotericism directly relate the president of the United States to the evil in the world, since in the Bible (Revelation: 911) there is a direct reference to a malign entity, the angel of death. For some people, there is a strong suspicion that Donald Trump will try to show the planet that he is truly the dreaded antichrist.  This strange but possible speculation is closely supported by a mysterious link between President Trump and number 666.

It is known that his family has bought the building with the number 666 of the fifth avenue to a very high sum of money. In addition, the coat of arms of its brand has in its design the number six repeated three times. His company is also investing $666 million in a new financial project. As if this were not enough, for Jewish gematry, the name Donal Turmp means 666.

The return of Christ:

For a great number of prophets and seers, Christ could return to our planet in this year 2018, the prophecy says that before his arrival, our heavens will open and angels will arrive to take the believers from the earth and save them from the stalk of the Antichrist, beginning the apocalypse, as Luke 2127 says. “Then you can see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and victory.”

The prophecies predict great calamities and natural disasters
A mega earthquake in the United States:

According to Nostradamus’ prophecies, an earthquake of enormous proportions could occur during the year 2018 with harmful results for the planet. We must remember that the expert earthquakes do not rule out this scenario, alluding to the constant threat caused by the San Andres fault.

The political system collapses, natural disasters and UFO sightings increase:

The prophecies mention that there will be room for the creation of new political trends across the globe, new ideologies. In addition, strong climate changes and severe weather are predicted on the east coast of Mexico. As a result of the weather, there is increasing activity of unidentified flying objects throughout the Caribbean and Central America, which seem to be using the energies of the huge thunderstorms.

World War III:

According to Nostradamus, the year 2018 could see the start of the much-feared world war, which will begin in France, due to the confrontation of two enormous powers on our planet, causing the destruction of much of Europe.