The San Andreas fault closest to unleashing the biggest earthquake in history.

The failure of San Andres about to unleash the biggest earthquake in history

The San Andreas fault is the biggest fault transforming you in the world. It is about 1,200 kilometers long and covers the entire state of California. For years, this failure has been an object of fear, not only by Californians, but globally, as it could generate an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude that could have global consequences. Now, scientists around the world have panicked as they have recorded slow earthquakes under the San Andreas fault.

Slow earthquakes under the San Andreas Fault could be the preamble to a major earthquake.
According to ongoing studies of the entire area, panic has begun to invade scientists, as the central area, which is characterized by constant, progressive, but gentle movement, has begun to release more energy than it used to and the stadium published in the journal NatureGeosciencee states that the movement of the plates along the entire central axis is moving more strongly than previously thought.

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Geologists at Arizona State University found that, instead of slow, steady motion, the fault marked small peaks of movement in which they moved the plates, called a slow “earthquake,” which usually release energy for long periods of time, rather than minutes, as a common earthquake does. However, in a fault such as San Andres, it would have the potential to generate an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude, according to the researchers.

the san andres fault

Was the failure of St. Andrew’s prophesied?
To make the matter more mystical, we must remember that the French prophet MichélNostradamus, predicted in one of his writings (without knowing the failure of St. Andrew, obviously), that the United States would witness an earthquake of unprecedented proportions that would cause a great blow to the nation’s economy.

If we take Nostradamus’ words into account, with what the scientists have announced, it is plausible that panic and fear could take hold in California and around the world. Is the planet prepared for an earthquake of this magnitude?