The prophecy that predicts a disaster in the Russian World Cup if a European country wins

Mundial de futbol profecia

The prophecy says a cult could plan something terrible for football fans
Nostradamus proposed in his writings the way in which the world would converge in the Third World War. But he did not consider that there would be sects that based their precepts on ancient rites of occultism capable of developing the most terrible prophecies to be executed in the modern world. Today, from a good source, the most of the catastrophic prophecies to date have been filtered out, the event of which will take place in the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

World Prophecy Russia 2018

The prophecy says that if any old continent team, referring to Europe, no matter which country it comes from, raises the victory cup thousands of citizens from all over the world, no matter their race, creed or religion, will die crushed in deadly avalanches and strident fires that will flood the streets of Moscow with blood.

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The prophecy of the Russian World Cup has thousands of followers and many are already on the streets of the cities where they are in the stadiums orchestrating the plan to make it come true. For its part, the Russian government is redoubling its security team to avoid any terrible events.

However, a taxi vehicle recently hit a group of tourists for no apparent reason on a busy street in the Russian capital, leaving seven injured in an attempt to crush them with the car. As you can see from the images, the man turns the steering wheel against the people walking on the sidewalk and then is stopped by a blunt object that does not allow him to continue with his massacre. However, man flees and gets lost from the images.

This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to demonstrate to the leaders of the sects the commitment to make the prophecy come true with which it is also intended to send a clear message to the world in the face of the Third World War, which wants to show that the sects that protect dark and evil entities, want to have a massive and forceful participation in the attacks, in order to orchestrate a new world order.